Lucky - Cord Necklaces

Lucky November 2004

The magazine about shopping, Lucky this month discusses what fashion editors really wear, the season's best coats, and a primer on fall's freshest options, along with ways to wear them. 
In the feature story about Alicia Silverstone, the actress discusses how to shop organic. With a passion for living in a way that doesn't harm others, especially animals - she's a vegan - and she wants to spread the word. "People who don't share my environmental concerns think, 'What a headache,' but it gives me satisfaction when they realize they can find stuff so easily."
In the "Lucky Jewelry Guide" feature, a whopping 11-page overview of the season's most inspired designs from dazzling cocktail rings to elegantly embellished hoops, Alex Woo's Sienna necklace is nicely noted as "a clean, minimalist classic that you'll wear for years to come."

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