Daily Candy - Now Ear This

Daily Candy 2003

For some of us, earrings are like girlfriends. They're precious. They've seen us through thick and thin. They hear all our dirty secrets. So it seems only appropriate that jewelry designer Alex Woo has christened her creations with fun girlfriendy names like Roxy, Coco, Chiara, Layla, and Bianca. Made from silver and semiprecious stones (amethyst, citrine, onyx, topaz, peridot, and quartz), her pieces range from mod to romantic to quirky to elegant. Something for every mood and occasion. Woo studied fine arts and jewelry design at Cornell and Parsons School of Design but really got her start at the knee of her father, a master jeweler. So, though her sensibility is modern and fresh, she brings a wealth of tradition and craftsmanship to her work. Meaning her designs have both cuteness and quality, style and substance. Just like some of our best friends.

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