Fort Campbell - "Wearing the spade proudly everyday"

“Hello, my name is Jenny and I saw the piece on Drew Barrymore’s spade pendant in People Magazine and just knew that I had to write to you.”  As the wife of a soldier, Jenny knew how difficult it was going to be to say goodbye when her husband of the legendary US 506 was deployed to Iraq, and so she took it upon herself to lift the spirits of the women around her. Knowing the 506th is symbolized by a spade, Jenny thought, “The minute I saw the necklace I just knew it would be the perfect thing for me to wear during the deployment.” She went on to tell us, “The soldiers wear a spade on their helmets to distinguish them from other units. Unit insignias help tighten the bonds among soldiers. Wearing the spade does the same thing; I feel closer to my husband, and when I wear it around other spouses, we feel closer to each other because we’re sharing the common experience of having husbands who serve our country.” Word spread fast and soon the inspired women of Fort Campbell had come together through this seemingly small piece of jewelry in one immensely powerful expression of love and support. Alex Woo designed the perfect piece of jewelry for the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of these soldiers”

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