Kathy - "My Little Silver Reminder of Him"

My husband is a Cavalry Scout in the 506th Regimental Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, KY. This unit is brand new to Fort Campbell; it’s been here for just over a year. Soldiers from all over the world were moved here to create this unit, and they knew from the start that they would be called to support the War on Terror one year later. The soldiers of the 506th will join their comrades in arms in the Middle East once again in a few short weeks. This year without him will be hard and the temptation will be there to wallow in self pity and resentment, especially when my little boys cry for their Daddy. As a reminder that our sacrifice is not in vain, and to remind me of the pride my husband and his brothers have in what they are doing, I wear the unit’s symbol on a chain around my neck, close to my heart. The symbol of the 506th is the spade. Though it was doubtlessly not intended for this purpose, Alex Woo designed the perfect piece of jewelry for the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of these soldiers, and in doing so she, herself became a patriot. Thank you, Alex.

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