Jennifer - "I wanted to have a reminder of them with me at all times"

I am 37, single and extremely career driven; I travel a lot and work long days. I am “mom” to 2 dogs, Abby and Bella. I live in Los Angeles and the rest of my family lives far away so Abby, Bella and my friends have become my own little “modern family.” Through hard times (my father is extremely ill) and the best times, their unconditional love has helped me get through each day. If I could bring them with me everywhere, I would! Since I can’t, I wanted to have a reminder of them with me at all times. I thought about a tattoo but when I saw some of your jewelry, I knew that was the way I had to go. I spent a few weeks deciding what would be the best fit for me and my day to day life. I finally bought the little a, little b, little paw and little heart. I wear it every single day (even to bed) and it lets me bring my Abby and Bella with me wherever I go.

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