Anna - Little Letter O

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I found out my baby had stopped growing and would need to be born in the following few days. Forty eight hours of induced labor seems like a long time now, but seemed like an eternity then, waiting for my sweet little baby to come into the world. We knew it was a girl and had decided on a name, but had told no one in the family. We couldn’t stop looking at Olive when she was born- she was absolutely perfect. We had decided on this name because my husband’s grandmother was named Olive, and had passed away five years prior at the age of 93. Olive was spunky, kind, always smiling and going along with the flow. Our little Olive is no different. When I received my Alex Woo “O” letter silver necklace, I was overjoyed. I feel the “O” on the chain and think about what she might be doing while we are apart. I know in two months when I return to work, the little “O” will keep me company throughout the day. In turn, when Olive grows up, she will wear the necklace and hopefully, rubbing the burnished, thick “O” will think of her momma.

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