Carrie's Chronicles - Alex Woo is a Jewelry Wizard!

Interview with Alex Woo at Carrie's Chronicles with Carrie Berk - Bestselling author, actor, social media influencer, TikTok star and anti-bullying activist…

As soon as I started watching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix, the first thing I noticed about Carrie Bradshaw’s stylish ensemble was her “C” necklace. I had the exact same one! I asked my mom and she confirmed it: she had gifted me the necklace--made by jewelry designer
Alex Woo---a few years ago. Somehow, Woo’s little “C” still stood out when Carrie Bradshaw wore her colorful blazers, billowy maxi skirts, and leopard cardigans. I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to interview Woo about the magic that goes behind making her precious accessories. Full disclosure: they make up the majority of my jewelry collection ;-)

Read the full interview here.

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