944 - All Eyes on Erin Fogel

944 Jan 2008

A magazine dedicated to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle for today's trendsetters, this month they feature 25-year-old comedienne, Erin Fogel. Co-starring in the romantic comedy, 27 Dresses, with Katherine Heigl, the New Jersey native's impeccable comic timing and knack for improv impressed director Anne Fletcher so much that she added scenes into the film to showcase Fogel’s talents.

944: When did you realize you were funny?

Erin Fogel: I feel like it always came naturally to me. When I was younger, I would make jokes that a lot of people my own age wouldn’t get. To me it was so funny, and no one else was laughing, except that all the adults wanted to do was talk to me and see what would come out of my mouth. And then, I also struggled socially when I was young. I was really heavy at the time — you know, baby fat and all that — and it became a means of defending myself, because it’s much better to be the funny girl than to be the fat girl. So I think I really, really strongly developed it as I was going through adolescence.In the photo shoot, she wears Alex Woo's Narissa necklace and earrings to impress everyone else. 

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