At Alex Woo, we have a passion for beautiful jewelry and quality craftsmanship using sustainable resources with the support of local talent and better business practices. Proudly based in New York, we are delighted to have partnered with many luxury leaders and charitable organizations to diversify the collection.  Thank you to all the fashion and accessories editors, stylists, celebrities, fashion friendly bloggers, friends and ultimately our customers who have shown love and support through the years. We keep going because of all of you!

When we started to receive countless stories with genuine emotional resonance, we quickly realized that we were at the start of something new. Whether deeply moving or whimsical, the stories were extraordinary and reflected that our work reached far beyond the traditional expectation of jewelry. We weren't simply creating beautiful accessories, but authentic 'icons' that were both personal and magical.

Our Little Icons™ stand for your stories - who you are, what you've done, where you've been - with an infinite number of meanings for each design. Wherever life takes you, your story begins here at Alex Woo...See the inspiring stories of amazing women and find out what their Little Icons™ and Mini Additions™ mean to them on our Charm The World™ page.