Cornell's Jewelers

3100 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY 14618 +1 585 264 1981 Cornell's was started in 1923 at 197 Chatham Street, Rochester, N.Y. Harry Cornell, at the age of 16, started taking in clock repairs for local jewelers as a side job while still working another full time job. As an incentive for the jewelers to give Harry the work, he would pick up and deliver the clocks as part of the service he provided. In 1932, while the world was still suffering from the Great Depression, Harry was owed a year's worth of back salary from his full time employer. With uncertainty about the future, Harry made arrangements with his employer to take compensation in the form of jewelry merchandise, and decided to go into business full time on his own. Joined shortly thereafter by his brother, Maurice, Harry spent much of his time traveling regionally calling on jewelers in several states, while Maurice minded their office back in the Burke building in Rochester. In the following years, as the wholesale business grew to many small towns and cities, two other salesman joined the firm, along with a full time secretary and bookkeeper. In 1961, while occupying space in room 414 of the Burke Building, the firm became incorporated and formally known as Harry Cornell & Company, Inc. During the years to come, the business would move to the Granite Building in 1967, and then the Temple Building in 1973. In May of 1984, the four partners retired and Harry Cornell's son, David, took over the business. In the Spring of 1997, after 74 years being located in downtown Rochester, Cornell's moved to a Suburban location at 3100 Monroe Avenue where it is currently located. Cornell's has grown to a fine jewelry store with full services being offered our customers such as Custom design work, repairs-jewelry and watch, gift wrapping, delivery, shipping, appraisal work, estate Consulting, bridal needs, gift registry and personal shopping. Due to these many fine services, the Volume of branded products, Cornell's is a couture store-an honor which is bestowed on only 125 stores in the country.

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