The Washington Post – Valentine’s Day Shopping

Washinton Post 2006By Janet Bennett Kelly and Janelle Ehrlichman Diamond

A Heart-to-Heart Discussion
Only six more days ’til Valentine’s Day, so the pressure is on. What will it be: lingerie, flowers, perhaps chocolates? Fashion and Beauty editor Janet Bennett and Washington Post Shopper columnist Janelle Erlichman Diamond, doubleteamed in a special shopping hour on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 11 a.m. ET and took calls from around the area regarding this age old question.

Take this advice to heart: Don’t stress about what to get your best buddy or about the fact that you can’t get a reservation for dinner at your favorite restaurant. Just take a deep breath and think about how you’re going to enjoy the day. We’re here to help.

South Riding, Va. Caller:
What is an appropriate Valentine for my wife of eight years and pregnant with our second child?

Janelle Erlichman: A big gold medal? Or how about a cool necklace from Alex Woo. She has this great Little Numbers Collection …. where you can pick any sort of number combination. Like “2″ for two kids … or “8″ for the # of years you’re married. or “4″ for the number in your family. That sort of stuff. Check out

Featured previously in The Washington Post was Alex Woo’s Heart Pendant.

The Washington Post – Shopper

Washington Post 2005By Janelle Erlichman Diamond
Fully Grown and Pretty, Too
“West Side Story’s” Maria felt pretty (and witty and bright, and pitied the girls who weren’t her tonight, especially the girls whose boyfriends were about to knife their brothers in a rumble). It’s good to feel pretty.

“This summer’s ‘pretty’ appeals to even the edgiest, least prissy among us, because it’s lovely without being fussy, and feminine without being girly,” says Dannielle Romano, editor-at-large of DailyCandy, a fashion/style/gadget/travel newsletter and Web site. This means pretty is no longer owned exclusively by size 0, or J. Lo glam, or corseted, ’50s-looking things.

“It’s a very grown-up, well-traveled pretty. Bohemian silhouettes, ethnic embroidery and detailing, frothy fabrics. . . . It’s a thinking woman’s pretty,” she says. And best of all it flatters, says Romano, “and draws on the likes of Ali McGraw and Joni Mitchell, rather than the cliched, insipid stuff one usually envisions when thinking ‘pretty.’”

Featured in the story is Alex Woo’s classic Heart Pendant.