Glamour Weddings – Real Wedding Album : Jen & Brad

Here’s a super-sweet love story to get your week started with a smile!

Jen and Brad locked eyes at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2003—when she was just a college freshman! After being introduced, the two talked, flirted, played card games, and laughed all night. Brad gave Jen big goodnight kiss and said he would call the next day. And he did! More than eight years later, Brad and Jen have never been apart. They were married January 30 at the Betty H. Reckas Cultural Center in Long Beach, California.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell it in these pics, but the ceremony and reception were held in the same ballroom space! Jen and Brad’s event designer, Jeremy Smith of Thank Goodness It’s Sophia Catering, hung floor-to-ceiling white drapes during the ceremony, and removed them while guests were mingling in the venue’s foyer and courtyard during the cocktail hour.

Says Jen: “When doors to the ballroom re-opened after cocktail hour, there were gasps! ‘How did they do that so quickly?’ people asked. ‘This is awesome!’”

Behold the magic!  The bridal wedding band is from Alex Woo’s Zhuli’s Collection.

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Glamour’s Best Loot Ever

Glamour December 2007As one of the most iconic and influential brands in the U.S., each month, Glamour inspires and empowers 12 million modern, stylish readers — that’s over 1 in 10 women who look to the magazine as their guide to life. Whether it’s the latest fashion/beauty trends, or ground-breaking editorial on women’s issues and health, Glamour’s unique combination of style and substance continues to break the mold.

Gracing the flashy cover in a gorgeous turquoise gown, thirty-five year old actress Jennifer Garner has been named ‘Woman of the year’. Having successfully managed her married life, motherhood and career while always being beautiful and stylish, the “Juno” actress was honored with 12 other nominees at Lincoln Center in NYC, which Alex Woo also attended. When asked by Glamour “What’s your vision of a modern, successful, kick-ass woman?” She responded “Someone who unapologetically defines herself, whether to say, “I love my career; that’s going to be my focus” or “I want to be home.” To be willing to grab on to that; to know what you want and do it.

In the Best loot ever feature, for the holidays the editors provided five lucky readers some fabulous stuff that included Alex Woo’s Sienna Square Bangle.

Glamour – The Glamour Get

Glamour Oct 2007Edited for the contemporary American woman, Glamour gives you the best hair and beauty tips that work for your face, and gives you the real scoop on all your relationship and sex questions, plus monthly horoscopes and important health and diet news. Plus, with a hilarious Dos and Don’ts section Glamour is girl talk, pure and simple.

In this issue, Emmy-award winner America Ferrera, star of Ugly Betty, is climbing Hollywood’s A-list—and she’s ignoring the unwritten rule that says stars must be blond and Twizzler-thin. With plenty of in-depth questions, one of many interesting ones was how she feels about walking the red carpet—love it or hate it? “Personally, I hate it. You are expected to conform to every single expectation. People will say, ‘Try as hard as you can not to sweat on the red carpet.’ Meanwhile you are super nervous, and there are tons of camera flashes, and people are screaming your name. It’s not fun—not for me, at least!”

In the Glamour Get feature, the editors provide a new way to spice up your go-to timepiece by simply layering it with a bracelet or two in “Take your watch, add a bangle” Matched up with the Switch watchmaker Tissot, Alex Woo’s Sienna Rose Gold diamond bangle stands out.

Tip: Match your bangle to the metal on your watch or its strap.