Fuse Network – Willa Ford Hosts ‘Pants-Off Dance-Off’

Fuse Aug 2007PODO is a dance contest airing on FUSE TV that features ecdysiasts of all shapes and sizes as they dance while disrobing down to their undergarments. In each episode five contestants striptease to a music video as interview soundbites and photos reveal stories about each “pancer” with a side bar of trash-talking contestants and host pop-ups with snarky comments. Singer/Actress Willa Ford peps up Season 3 of the show and brings some class wearing Alex Woo’s Little Notes.

Willa Ford [born Amanda Lee Williford] is an American pop singer, songwriter, producer, and television personality and host. Born and raised in Ruskin, Florida on her family’s farm she started exploring her vocal abilities in the Tampa Bay Children’s Choir and the Entertainment Revue. By July 2001 she introduced her debut album, Willa Was Here. Her hit single “I Wanna Be Bad” took off and put her on MTV’s popular TRL and reached #10 on the Billboard charts.

Fuse Network – Marianela VJ

Fuse May 2006Heating up television sets every weekday, the spicy VJ of Fuse’s Daily Download, Marianela has come a long way from her homeland of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As the daughter of two professional tango dancers, Marianela emerged into the entertainment business at a young age and it was there that she fell in love with music and dance. Today, her versatility and incredible persona handles Marilyn Manson one day and 50 Cent the next, bringing us closer to them and closer to her — quickly making her a favorite of Fuse’s viewers.

With photospreads in FHM and Maxim magazines and her monthly music column in Cosmogirl! celebrating her as television’s hottest VJ, she has become an increasingly popular guest correspondent in NBC’s “Access Hollywood” and “Extra” that all testify to her popularity.

On the show, she mixes Alex Woo’s hip, yet classic Eve and Lucia pendants for a new fashionable look.