TLC – Who Do You Think You Are, Christina Applegate?

In its fourth season, Who Do You Think You Are? took us on a journey with Christina Applegate as she searched for her full family history. Throughout the episode you can spot the Little Letter “s” she wears for daughter Sadie, another branch off her family tree!

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InStyle – Personalized Jewelry for Kate Middleton: What Designers Would Give the Duchess

The whole world took part in celebrating the arrival of the baby prince, and the fashion world was no exception. With a list of top designer picks for the new mom, InStyle featured custom Alex Woo pairings in honor of little Prince George – but don’t let that deter you from one of your own; this personalized jewelry is great for moms all around!

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Life & Style – Best Dressed Stars

Though known for donning the signature Carrie Bradshaw initial necklace on the popular TV series, The Carrie Diaries, actress Anna Sophia Robb rocked her own Little Letter “a” off-screen at Madonna’s Fashion Evolution Pop-Up Exhibition and earned a place in this issue of Life & Style’s “Best Dressed Stars.”

JCK – JCK Asks… Alex Woo

JCK Asks…Alex WooLive-tweeting TV shows: It’s the new chat board. Every Monday at 8 p.m. (EST), stylephiles take to Twitter to obsess over the outfits on The Carrie Diaries, The CW’s ’80s-set prequel to Sex and the City. On the premiere, young Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) wore a sweet little gold “C” necklace—the precursor to SATC’s Carrie nameplate—which costume designer Eric Daman quickly ID’d via tweet as Alex Woo’s. “Carrie Bradshaw is a style icon,” says Woo. “I am thrilled that my Little Letter ‘C’ is ­speaking to such a big part of her character!” Not surprisingly, the prime-time placement has led to a bump in sales of the Little Letters. And we suspect it’s only the beginning for Woo, whose delicate jewels run the gamut from A to Z and beyond.

Alex Woo’s 14kt gold Little Letter “C”

Number of years in the biz:10

Family and pets: My husband and son can make me smile on even the toughest days.

Describe your personal style Classic, modern, and bold. I like to pair the trends of the season with ­timeless pieces that really can be worn year after year.

The Carrie Diaries

The single piece of jewelry you’re most proud of: It’s like choosing a child—I don’t really like to play favorites. I love them all for different reasons.

Little Penguin in Sterling Silver

First piece you ever designed: I was probably 8 years old or so. It was a two-tone pendant—silver and brass. I hand cut the metals with a saw and then made it shine on a polishing machine all by myself.

First job ever:Helping my dad sell jewelry during ­holiday weekends when I was in middle school.

How did you get started designing jewelry? My father is a master bench jeweler, so I was raised with a definite appreciation for gems, precious metals, and fine craftsmanship. But it wasn’t until I enrolled at Parsons to formally study jewelry design that I truly discovered my passion for it.

Woo and her son

Jewelry you’re wearing right now: My Little Lotus in 14k yellow gold. I find myself always reaching for it when I need a little bit of peace.

Five items on your desk right now: iPhone; magazine(s); sketchbook; coffee; a photograph of my son. (When I look at that, it’s like a little moment of Zen.)

Exercise regimen: “Just Dance” on the Wii U—it’s my new enjoyment with my son.

Little Seasons Sea Turtle in 14k gold

What did you have for breakfast? A large coffee and a Chobani Greek yogurt.

Guilty pleasure: I love Top Chef! My favorite part is the Quickfire.

Drink (daytime/evening): Coffee and water are staples.

First website you check every day (not your own!): Gmail


How do you unwind? At night, I like to read my son a story before bed. Although these days he’s reading to me! He’s turning 4 soon and insists on only doing big-kid things, so I let him take charge.

Little and Little Big Number in 14k gold

If you weren’t designing jewelry, what would you be doing? I can’t imagine not being in the design industry. But if I had to choose, it would be something along the lines of a travel and food writer. It would be pretty amazing to be paid to travel the world, eat new food, and experience new cultures.

Preferred news source: I read everything on my iPhone.

Favorite movie: When I went to study abroad in Paris, I even took the “Sabrina” cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu. I love Audrey Hepburn—her personality, her style, all her Givenchy outfits in the movie.

Favorite place you’ve visited: Morocco. I felt like I was traveling back in time, especially when I slept in a tent and rode a camel at sunset in the Sahara Desert.

Superstitious? I do believe in lucky talismans and in sentimental objects that hold meaning. My life path number is 8, and in the Chinese culture, 8 is also a very lucky number, so that is a number I wear often in my daily life. Speaking of lucky numbers… In 2011, a few Green Bay Packers bought my Double Numbers for their wives; the following year, a few of the NY Giants’ wives ordered their husbands’ numbers. And [Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker] Ray Lewis’ mom purchased my double numbers when I first launched the collection. So three years in a row family members of players who won the Super Bowl had purchased my numbers. Coincidence?

People StyleWatch – The Hot New TV Show

Dubbed “The Hot New TV Show” by People StyleWatch, The Carrie Diaries is turning heads in the fashion world with fierce on-set style! If you haven’t heard, The Carrie Diaries is the prequel to the hit show Sex and the City. The show follows 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw as an intern in New York City in the 80s. An emerging fashionista, young Carrie is fearless in experimenting with fashion!

Emmy-Award winning Costume Designer Eric Daman says one key tip to scoring style as memorable as Carrie’s is to “add a finishing personal touch.” For Carrie, that signature piece happens to be our Little Letter “C” Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold! Serving as Carrie’s signature necklace, the Little Letter “C” is a fun prelude to the Carrie nameplate in Sex and The City, and is the perfect way to give her outfits “an individual look.”

AnnaSophia Robb, the show’s star, is an Alex Woo fan on- and off-set! When asked if she had a signature piece like Carrie’s bag, she answered, “I actually have an “A” necklace that the creator of the show gave to me!” Robb rocks her Little Letter “A” in 14kt Yellow Gold, how do you wear yours?

InStyle – AnnaSophia Robb’s initial necklace in The Carrie Diaries

Love star style? We do! In the March issue of InStyle Magazine, our Little Letter “A” and “C” necklaces were featured alongside the super-stylish AnnaSophia Robb, who plays Carrie Bradshaw in the new show, The Carrie Diaries! Our Little Letter “C” in 14kt Yellow Gold is “young Carrie’s go-to piece” in the hit new show. Off-set, Robb wears the Little Letter “A” in a more understated way, sans the over-the-top ‘80s get-ups. Remember to catch the show Mondays on the CW!

OK! Magazine – ‘Carrie Diaries’ Costume Designer Eric Daman Reveals His Favorite Look From The New Season

The Sex and the City spin-off series, The Carrie Diaries, features the one and only costume designer extraordinaire Eric Daman (he previously worked on Gossip Girl) and to show our excitement for the new show we scored an interview with the genius stylist. Find out what he’s got in store for young Carrie Bradshaw and what he has to say about 80s fashion below and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter since he’ll be giving viewers an inside look at the designers he’s using, and the stores he’s shopping at!

OK!: How did you prepare for your new role as costume designer for The Carrie Diaries?
Eric Daman: I refreshed my 80s fashion sense (having been a fashion curious teen in the 80s was an added bonus) by rewatching all of the John Hughes classics and getting out my high school yearbooks. Fortunately there is a lot of 80s-inspired fashion trending right now, so having an aspirational authenticity to the look is realistic. A lot of 80s fashion wasn’t the cutest or most flattering, but by keeping the shapes and fabrics contemporary, the look feels very retro-moderne and cool. We are working with classic 80s colors and prints, but in more slimming shapes and silhouettes—not giant shoulder pads and oversized bulk.

OK!: What was your favorite look Carrie ever wore in Sex and the City?
ED: The Dirndl dress she wore to a picnic with her besties.

OK!: Is the splatter paint bag teen Carries “it” accessory like her nameplate necklace is when she is older?
ED: The Mark Cross bag is definitely an “it” accessory. Teen Carrie also wears a signature “C” initial pendant by Alex Woo that is a prelude to the nameplate.

OK!: What’s it been like working with AnnaSophia Robb?
ED: An absolute dream. She is so wide-eyed and enthusiastic about it all. In the fittings (and on set) she really embodies Carrie Bradshaw.

OK!: How did you incorporate influences from the 80s into the clothes?
ED: We wanted to create an authentic look, not an overtly kitschy 80s look. Our young CB’s style will be idiosyncratic, but quieter then the Carrie we already know. She is at an age where she is experimenting and creating her individual style, so I mixed 80s-inspired items with pieces from her “mother’s closet” that feel more 60s and 70s. Think knee-high Chloe boots and high-waisted light-blue floral jeans.

OK!: What is your favorite look Carrie wears in the new season?
ED: In the first episode I got to put her in an original Scaasi fuchsia, off-the-shoulder, polka dot dress… We completely rebuilt it to suit AnnaSophia’s petite frame and give it a contemporary flair and fit. It’s the perfect Carrie Bradshaw dress for her first night out in NYC!

OK!: What are your secret places for finding amazing fashion items?
ED: A lot of East Village thrift and consignment stores like No Relation, Amarcord, Screaming Mimi’s, and Tokyo 7. The best new discovery has been

OK!: Who do you think has great style in Hollywood today?
ED: Lou Doillon. Oops, I guess that would be Paris.

USA Today – Carrie’s style diary: What young Bradshaw wore

‘The Carrie Diaries’ premiere was filled with covetable clothes, of course.

Few characters are as woven into their clothes as Carrie Bradshaw. And as proven by Monday’s premiere of The Carrie Diaries, the CW prequel to the iconic Sex and the City, the teenage, suburban version of the heroine is no slouch when it comes to oversized ’80s style. USA TODAY chatted with the show’s costume designer, Eric Daman — who helped make tights cool again, thanks to his gig on Gossip Girl— to get a glimpse at some of what young Carrie wore. In classic Carrie fashion, it’s an effortless mix of luxury labels and basic brands (though far heavier on the latter — she is a high-school junior, after all):

C pendant necklace, the precursor to her signature nameplate: Alex Woo’s little letter C in 14-karat yellow gold; Woo was “kind enough” to swap out her typical, modern beaded chain for something more ’80s appropriate, Daman says.

Carrie’s mom’s structured black bag, which Carrie Jackson Pollocks with nail polish: Mark Cross Scottie satchel; the company will customize it for you.

Silver sequined dress (doctored up with vintage crinoline): Topshop

Blue floral printed jeans: Topshop

Lavender hoodie: Topshop

Tan kitten-heeled slingbacks: Delman

Tan-and-white two-toned oxfords: Lucky Brand

Floral print bow blouse worn to law firm: Derek Lam

Black pumps worn to law firm: J.Crew

Multi-pastel cardigan: Marc Jacobs

Chambray blue full skirt with front patch pockets: Current/Elliott

Red and blue polka-dot and striped sweater: Cardigan

Lime leopard-print cardigan: Autumn Cashmere

Orange pointy pumps: Alice + Olivia

Sorry, fans: Some of Carrie’s accouterments are strictly vintage finds

Pink and black poufy dress worn to Indochine: an original ’80s Scaasi creation, recut for AnnaSophia Robb’s body and layered with new black crinoline from Theory

Her mom’s Jackie O-esque ’60s shades

Pink bracelet with matching heart locket

Mini-, pre-City Carrie flower pin worn with the lime leopard-print cardi

Rainbow belt with heart buckle

Turquoise backpack – Before the Premiere of ‘The Carrie Diaries,’ Eric Daman Discusses the Fab ’80s Fashion

Stylist Eric Daman certainly has the right resume to be the costume designer for The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City based on young adult novels by Candace Bushnell. Daman assisted Patricia Field, who styled the original Sex and the City series, and he’s also the mastermind behind the fashion on Gossip Girl (which we already miss dearly). Thankfully his sartorial eye will be back on the small screen for tonight’s premiere of The Carries Diaries (8 p.m. ET on The CW). The series stars AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw, who attends high school in Connecticut in the 1980s while interning at Interview. Before the much-anticipated show hits the air, we quizzed Daman about the throwback fashion, his inspiration, and what designers to expect (Will there be Manolos? Of course!).

ELLE: In addition to the ’80s factor, how will the fashion be different from the original Sex and the City?

Eric Daman: We’re discovering a young Carrie in the ’80s in suburban Connecticut, and it’s a New Haven public school. So, I think there’s definitely going to be Connecticut Carrie, who is much more pulled back and subdued. Of course, she’s still going to have her idiosyncratic style and very individualistic point of view. Stylistically, she’ll definitely be pioneering her own look. The more we see her go to New York, the more we’re going to see the evolution of how Carrie Bradshaw becomes the fashion icon we know and love.

ELLE: How else will the storyline play into her outfits?

ED: Initially when we see Carrie in Connecticut, we see a more subdued, quieter Carrie. She’s not a Carrie who prescribes to all of the ’80s trends. I think it’s important to keep in mind that her mom had just recently passed away and she kind of inherits this amazing closet of her mother’s. ­They call it the “fashion Narnia.” Carrie gets to experiment with things from the ’60s and ’70s, so she’s not just in obvious ’80s [clothes]. I think that’s what’s going to give her the Carrie flair.

ELLE: Can you describe some of the outfits she’ll be wearing?

ED: We’re trying to give it a contemporary flair and an aspirational authenticity, and then feeding off of that by mixing and matching. She wears a really cute top from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s a red pleated sleeveless top, and it has little navy hearts all over it. It feels very ’60s to me—the shape, the silhouette. It’s almost like a baby-doll top. She wears that with a pair of skinny indigo Levi’s.

ELLE: Which other designers did you feature?

ED: We’re not using a lot of brand-new contemporary designers. We are using a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Cardigan. There will be some couture. There’s a Georges Chakra moment coming up. We will definitely, hopefully, see some Manolo Blahnik, Chloé, Current/Elliott, and Nanette Lepore. We’ll definitely see some Dior and Valentino sprinkled in there. It’s all just sprinkles of it, but there’s definitely going to be some larger labels in there, because I think it’s important to keep the fashion fresh. We’ll also see a lot of H&M and Topshop, and more accessible stores. I think it’s important for the viewers at home to have something accessible and attainable.

ELLE: Is Carrie a shoe-label lover? Or not yet?

ED: She becomes a shoe-label lover. I think she definitely enjoys shoes. When she has access to New York, she meets a style editor at Interview who becomes her mentor, and she gains access to the Interview fashion closet. That really ups the ante. There’s definitely a whole shoe thing that does happen, that we see growing. That’s what’s great about this character—we do get to see where it all came from, to watch how she grows and how her style changes.

ELLE: Are there any trends that you think will emerge from her style?

ED: She has a little “C” initial pendant necklace that she wears. It’s a kind of a prelude to the “Carrie” nameplate. It’s a little important, quiet piece that I think people will enjoy.

ELLE: How is your design and inspiration approach for The Carrie Diaries different from that of Gossip Girl?

ED: It was pretty different. In Gossip Girl, they were very rich Upper East Side kids running around in runway clothing. Going into Carrie, it was kind of important to pull it back and create this other world and this ambiance of a quieter Connecticut. Yet when she goes to New York, [we had to create] vivacity and in-your-face looks. Even going into [the process of] creating Carrie was very stressful in trying to figure out [how to] pay homage and be true to the iconic fashion star that we know. For me, it was similar to Gossip Girl in that I wanted each character to be his or her own style star. As a costume designer, it’s important to give each person his or her own personalized look. [We] push each character’s look a little further than you would normally, just to give him or her a signature style.

ELLE: Besides Carrie, whose style will catch our eye?

ED: I think there are quite a few young characters. One of the ones I have the most fun with is Larissa, who is the Interview magazine fashion editor. For me, she has this great ’80s, New York, and high-fashion style turned into one look. She’s a mix of Grace Jones, Iman, and Bianca Jagger. There’s lots of neon, big shoulder pads, and big hats. In the high school, there’s a mean girl, Donna LaDonna, who prescribes to all of the ’80s trends. She’s more of a mall girl and you could see her walking out of a Whitesnake or ZZ Top video. She’s a lot more fun, because she wears the kitschy ’80s style, and it’s a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

ELLE: Do you think AnnaSophia Robb will be the next It girl?

ED: I hope so! She really has such an allure to her. She’s so sweet and adorable, and she walked into this [role with] wide eyes and open arms. I think people will really take to her. She does have a great style sense of her own. She’s also just coming of age and learning all about it. She’s at a perfect age to be flourishing in all of this. She’s so sweet, cute, and petite, I just can’t imagine that she won’t. – Get Excited for Amazing ’80s Fashions on ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Tonight!

A few things to know about the CW’s new Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries: It’s set in Connecticut and New York City, it stars the adorable AnnaSophia Robb (left) as young Carrie Bradshaw and it takes place in the 1980s — an awesomely bad time for fashion.

But costume designer Eric Daman saw the show’s tricky time period as a reason to have fun with clothing — not a reason to fret.

“I looked immediately to those high school classics, and the Molly Ringwald type of girl,” Daman, formerly the costume designer on Gossip Girl, tells PEOPLE. “It’s definitely a refined ’80s look … giving those trends a contemporary spin while still giving a nod to the Carrie of Sex and the City.”

Daman says he’s lucky that the ’80s are having a bit of a revival in the fashion world — labels like Cardigan and Marc by Marc Jacobs have given him plenty to work with. Having an enthusiastic starlet to work with is helpful, too.

“AnnaSophia is up for anything — she came in really wide-eyed,” Daman says. “She’s a true delight, and I don’t think they could’ve cast anyone better to fill those Manolos.”

We’ll first meet young Carrie at high school in small-town Connecticut, where she dresses to her surroundings. “Her Connecticut look is a bit quieter, has a dustier palette,” Daman says. But once she finds herself interning in New York City, “the more fashion she’s going to explore,” he promises.

And just like in Sex and the City, there will be signature pieces that our heroine wears time and time again.

“There’s a little ‘C’ initial pendant by Alex Woo that’s the prelude to the famous Sex and the City ‘Carrie’ nameplate necklace,’” Daman says. “It’s important to get those little things in there, and establish a connection to the original without beating people over the head with it. We’ve kept it nuanced enough to feel fresh.”

To keep fans posted on major fashion moments throughout the series, Daman plans to Tweet and blog about Robb’s most notable looks, so be sure to follow him online. And catch The Carrie Diaries on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on the CW. Tell us: Are you planning to watch the show?

–Kate Hogan

Metro – Behind the ‘The Carrie Diaries’ wardrobe

Eric Daman worked with Pat Field to dress Carrie Bradshaw for “Sex and the City.” Now, the costume designer’s dressing her again — albeit a teenage, 1980s version, in the prequel “The Carrie Diaries.” He talks about how he created the wardrobe for her youthful years in “The Carrie Diaries.”

The wardrobe was such an important part of “Sex and the City,” it was practically its own character. How much pressure did you feel sourcing the young Carrie’s closet for the new show?
I was quite stressed out by the thought of having to take on such an overwhelming task. But I was elated to be able to breathe new life into such an amazing fashion icon. The best part of it is being able to relive my coming-of-age ’80s angst, from when I was a teen in the Midwest dreaming of a life in New York City.

You’ve worked with both Carries: How do they differ in their approach to fashion choices?
The approaches are very different. We have to remember that this Carrie is a teenager who goes to public school. She will stay true to her idiosyncratic style, not giving in to pre-determined trends but making her own. So in that sense, there’s a similarity.

What designers would Carrie be wearing in 2013?
Couture mixed with American daywear. She’d be wearing some Georges Chakra, Jenny Packham, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone. And of course, some vintage Bill Blass, Balmain, Geoffrey Beene and Andre Courreges.

Carrie was known for that nameplate necklace and her Manolos. What are some of the key accessories and clothing items you’re using on this show?
A personalized “Carrie” bag from Mark Cross, a “C” pendant from Alex Woo and a black, polka-dot party dress (an original vintage Scasi from the ’80s) that she wears for her first night out in NYC.

PopSugar: Eric Daman Gives Us a Tour of Young Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet

Eric Daman is best known for his work outfitting the Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl, and now, he’s risen to the challenge of outfitting a young Carrie Bradshaw in the new CW series The Carrie Diaries. This isn’t Eric’s first encounter with the character of Carrie — he worked with Patricia Field on the original Sex and the City! Eric visited our NYC studio to chat about what we can expect on The Carrie Diaries, which debuts Monday, Jan. 14, including a mix of contemporary labels with vintage and some of Carrie’s trademark personalized accessories. – By Allie Merriam – Carrie… And Her Jewelry… Again

For anyone addicted to the six-year running HBO series, “Sex & The City”, it is time to turn back the clock and meet with Carrie Bradshaw during her senior year of high school during the early 1980s and part of her life in New York working as a writer in “The Carrie Diaries,” which will air on Monday, January 14, 2013. Based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell, who penned “Sex & the City”, which later became the hit TV series and then two feature films, “The Carrie Diaries has been picked up by the CW network.

“ It will be worn throughout the show as Carrie’s signature necklace ”

“Sex & The City” inspired some major jewelry trends in the market, the first being the gold nameplate that Carrie wore in the very first episode and throughout the years. And, now we have Carrie (actress AnnaSophia Robb) at sixteen in the first episode wearing Alex Woo’s little “c” necklace. Woo says, “It will be worn throughout the show as Carrie’s signature necklace, a precursor to the Carrie nameplate necklace in SATC.” The necklace is available in silver, gold, with or without diamonds. Off the set, AnnaSophia Robb also wears the little “a” as well, as a gift from the producer from the show. By Beth Bernstein – Costume Designer Eric Daman Dishes About The Clothes Behind The Carrie Diaries

Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to us and Sex and the City—especially its lead character Carrie Bradshaw. So you can imagine how excited we are for the CW’s new Sex and the City prequel (premiering tonight at 8pm), where we’ll finally get Miss Bradshaw’s backstory. Something else we’re super psyched about? Teen Carrie’s clothes, obvs.

Our outfit intrigue led us straight to the source: The Carrie Diaries costume designer Eric Daman. We asked, he answered:

Cosmo: What are your go-to stores and brands to pull from for teen Carrie’s wardrobe? And why?

Eric: The clothing came from a lot of my favorite haunts in NYC: Amarcord, Beacon’s Closet, Ressurrection, Frock, and Screaming Mimi’s for vintage. I also relied on fast fashion shops like Top Shop, H&M, and high end stores like Saks to give the look its contemporary “aspirational authenticity” we hoped to develop. has also played an important role in finding vintage one-of-a-kinds from brooches to scrunchies!

Cosmo: We know the show is taking place in the 1980′s. What are your favorite 80′s trends and what did you make sure to steer clear of?

Eric: I was totally obsessed (and still am) with Valley girls, as well as the yuppie handbook. I think the best trend of the 80′s was the stylistic freedom and originality it called for—I hope the show and teen Carrie’s unique style will inspire fans to have freedom and fun with fashion.

And like any trend, head to toe is a no-no—especially when it comes to neon. I love the neon trend, but I think it’s best worn these days as accents on a handbag, shoe, or belt.

Cosmo: Are there any trends that teen Carrie is going to wear that SATC Carrie wore, too?

Eric: I draw from SATC every day, trying to create “buried treasures,” or as Amy B. Harris (creator/producer/writer) calls them “Easter eggs” that hopefully will resonate with the audience as “a-ha moments,” leading them to think “That’s where the inspiration for the Carrie necklace came from!” (Spoiler alert: Young Carrie wears a signature 80′s style “C” necklace by Alex Woo.) It’s an intential process that hopefully is nuanced enough to feel fresh and new, but integral to who Carrie is stylistically.

Cosmo: What is your all-time favorite vintage find?

Eric: The vintage Scasi fuchsia with black polka dot party dress—add a black crinoline from Theory and Carrie is ready for her first night out in Manhattan!

Cosmo: Is there a piece that you think all women can wear from a younger to an older age?

Eric: I think the signature Mark Cross bag is an instant classic (because it already is, Grace Kelly used to carry one!). It’s sophisticated but doesn’t scream “I am a designer bag!” Splatter some paint on it and you have a personalized DIY original.

Cosmo: Do you think the show will spark an 80′s revival? And if so, what trends should we look out for in the coming months?

Fortunately there is a lot of 80s-inspired fashion trending right now, so keeping an aspirational authenticity to the look is a very realistic concept. However, a lot of 80′s fashion wasn’t the cutest or most flattering. But by keeping the shapes and fabrics contemporary and playing with colors and layering the looks, you’ll end up with an outfit that feels very retro-modern and cool.

Right now look for brightly colored, fitted blazers (with a slight shoulder pad), fair isle sweaters (fitted and not acrylic!), and lots of polka dots, hearts, and rainbow prints!

Cosmo: Other than SATC Carrie, did you pull inspiration from any movies, music, actresses for teen Carrie’s wardrobe?

Eric: I refreshed my 80′s fashion sense (having been a fashion curious teen in the 80′s was an added bonus) by rewatching all of the John Hughes classics, as well as a mix of quiet Connecticut inspired hometown films like Ordinary People, and of course getting out my high school yearbooks. NYC becomes an important part of her character and style as well, so I poured through interview magazines from the era, as well as films like Liquid Sky, Slaves of New York, and Desperately Seeking Susan.

Cosmo: What were the biggest fashion lessons that you learned from Pat Fields while assisting her on SATC? And which ones are you applying to TheCarrie Diaries?

Eric: The biggest lesson I learned was go big or go home. Pat and Sarah Jessica Parker both had such an amazing understanding of how color, print, and silhouette worked on the screen, and being around them and being a part of their creative process was magical (and mythical!). It was also important for me to apply the go big part for the NYC portion of her storyline, and then pull back to give her CT self a more subdued suburban feel.

Cosmo: Last but not least, what was your favorite outfit that you dressed teen Carrie in? And why?

Eric: I love the silver sequin top shop dress paired with a vintage rainbow belt, crinoline, a lime leopard autumn cashmere cardigan, and neon orange Alice + Olivia pumps. It’s one of the first moments where the viewers will see the teen Carrie and say, “A-ha, there’s our Carrie!”

Life & Style – First ‘Carrie’ Necklace

Even before her Manolos and Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw had style, which just so happens to include my Little Letter C! Life& Style’s latest issue goes deep into the closet of the anticipated series, The Carrie Diaries. They catch up with costume designer, Eric Daman where he discusses how he was inspired for the series.

“It’s a little initial pendant in a typewriter letter” says Daman. “It becomes part of her identity.” We saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing her much-copied nameplate necklace but younger Carrie started off with something smaller – the Little Letter C!

Lucky Shops 2012

Now in its ninth year, LUCKY SHOPS has become the benchmark for all shopping events, bringing the pages of the magazine to life with a unique mix of established and up-and-coming designer brands at a variety of price points.

Once again, Alex Woo was part of Lucky’s favorite fashions, shoes, jewelry and more.

Huffington Post – ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Will Avoid Baby Muppets Syndrome, Say The Creators

When we heard there was going to be a “Sex and the City” prequel TV show, we were skeptical: would there be a mini Carrie tottering around Manhattan in mini Manolos with a mini Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte by her side? Would it simply be a poor man’s version of the original series with fewer cosmos and orgasms?

No way, say the creators. Candace Bushnell and Amy B. Harris, the executive producers of the CW’s new series “The Carrie Diaries,” premiered the pilot of their new show to a crowd of bona fide “Sex and the City” fans on Monday evening at New York City’s School of Visual Arts — a critical audience for the new prequel if there ever was one. But both Bushnell, creator of “Sex and the City,” and Harris, a writer and producer on “SATC” as well, assured the audience that young Carrie would have her own identity… while maintaining elements of the adult Carrie we know and love.

“We didn’t want to do the Baby Muppets syndrome — ‘Oh it’s baby Samantha! It’s baby Miranda!’” said Harris, speaking on a panel after the pilot episode was shown. Instead the pilot centers on young Carrie (played by AnnaSophia Robb) and a whole new cast of characters, including two BFFs named Maggie and Mouse, a male friend Walt and a love interest named Sebastian (no, not Mr. Little, as we had hoped). And while Manhattan plays an important role even in episode 1, Carrie resides in suburban Connecticut circa 1984 with nary a brownstone nor taxi in sight.

Diehard “Sex and the City” lovers will still note many comparisons, specifically in the fashion created by “Gossip Girl” costume designer Eric Daman. (Daman also worked on “SATC” as Patricia Fields’ assistant for three seasons.) Said Harris at the premiere, “We planted fun ‘Easter eggs’ for our audience,” little similarities that “SATC” fans could hunt for as “The Carrie Diaries” progressed.

Daman is responsible for many of them, including young Carrie’s “C” necklace (a subtle nod to the nameplate necklace Sarah Jessica Parker wore on “SATC”). “I know that there are a lot of women — a lot of people around the world — who hold Carrie Bradshaw as this fashion icon,” Daman told us at the premiere. “So to be able to go back in time and pre-design who she is and lay the DNA of where she is going is very important.” That can be accomplished through a necklace, a purse or even crinolines that hint at Carrie Bradshaw’s famous tutu.

As for more “SATC” similarities in “The Carrie Diaries”? We’ll have to wait until January when the series debuts to find more. But Bushnell and Harris did tease one detail: an upcoming episode features a fashion shoot… with camels.

And no, it doesn’t take place in Abu Dhabi.

Huffington Post – 10 Things Gossip Girl Taught Me About Fashion

With only a handful of episodes until the series finale, I’m feeling nostalgic for the fall of 2007, when Gossip Girl began. In their April 2008 cover story on Gossip Girl, New York magazine’s Jessica Pressler and Chris Rovzar wrote that the show is “changing the way we watch television.” With lavishly dressed characters and cameos by fashionable heavy hitters ranging from Tory Burch to Stefano Tonchi, Gossip Girl has also had an undeniable impact on the way we dress.

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be,” Blair told Dan in season four, “just like your scarf suggests that you’d like to sell used cars.” I immediately became enamored with the show’s preppy, decadent fashions and started my first fashion blog to chronicle them in 2008. Here are ten important fashion lessons I have learned from the series.

1. School uniforms don’t have to be, well, uniform. Each of the Gossip Girls, from Blair to Jenny to the extras, customized their Constance Billard uniforms with embellished headbands, statement handbags and colorful or patterned tights. I still wear red tights à la Blair in season one, and there are more unique and affordable tights on the market today than ever. Prep-school blazers are still popular, even for those of us who have long since graduated. Thom Browne has designed preppy navy blazers for men and women as part of a Neiman Marcus collaboration with Target that’s available starting December 1.

2. Sequins make a sweater better. In season one, Serena wore Nanette Lepore’s “symphony” sequin cardigan from the fall 2007 collection. I tracked one down, and it’s still my favorite sweater. Serena has sported embellished cardigans from Gryphon, Burberry and Marc by Marc Jacobs and now they’re available at every price point.

3. Adopt a signature accessory to personalize your look. Chuck’s J.Press power scarf. Jenny’s eyeliner. Serena’s hair. Blair’s ruby ring, and of course, her headbands.

4. Wear emerging designers in addition to established ones. Lorick New York, Jenny Packham, Vena Cava, Philip Lim and Alex Woo are small fraction of the list of labels that were relatively undiscovered before the show.

5. Pajamas can be stylish, too. From Blair Waldorf’s bedroom scenes to a fashion show at Agent Provocateur, Gossip Girl showcased some of the best high-end intimates available. While most people sleep in sweatpants and a t-shirt, Manhattan’s elite are not most people and favor ensembles by Natori or Ligne de Soie after-hours.

6. Excess-orize. Pile on oversized necklaces, bangles or a chunky knit scarf to add interest to an outfit.

7. Coats don’t have to be basic black. The characters used their coats as statement pieces, from Jenny’s innocent pink coat in the pilot to Chuck’s red Ralph Lauren coat and Serena’s wide array of embellished outerwear.

8. Don’t underestimate the influence of a blogger. Gossip Girl herself may be the original ubiquitous blogger, but the fashion blogosphere has exploded and gained significant fashion clout since the show’s inception. When I first began blogging about the clothes on Gossip Girl, it was difficult to get anyone in fashion to reply to an email inquiry. Two years later, I was receiving tweets and emails daily from fashion publicists whose clients were featured and I attended my first show at New York Fashion Week.

9. Leggings are not pants. Learn it. Live it.

10. Eric Daman is awesome. He’s written a book and collaborated with Charlotte Russe, DKNY and Swarovski. Next, he’ll be bringing his magic to The Carrie Diaries.

Written by 

Entertainment Weekly – Costume designer Eric Daman on wrapping ‘Gossip Girl’ and opening ‘The Carrie Diaries’

The 2012 New York Television Festival kicked off with the world premiere of The Carrie Diaries, the CW’s Sex and the City flashback series about the coming of age of Carrie Bradshaw. You know, before all the Manolos and men.

Teenage Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) won’t be wearing couture, but the character’s wardrobe will include a few signature pieces — a ‘C’ initial necklace, a scrunchie and the like — that will strike a chord with die-hard Sex fans.

Luckily, Carrie Diaries costume designer Eric Daman got his start assisting Patricia Field on the original Sex and the City and was also in charge of the wardrobe department on Gossip Girl, so Carrie’s style is in good hands.

We caught up with Daman to ask him about Carrie Bradshaw’s new, er, old look, wrapping up Gossip Girl, and whether we’ll be seeing ’80s Carrie Bradshaw wearing Serena van der Woodsen’s hand-me-downs.

EW: On Sex and the City, Carrie wore some memorable accessories. What are the younger Carrie’s signature pieces?
Eric Daman: She wears a ‘C’ necklace by Alex Woo throughout the whole show. [Executive Producer Amy Harris gifted lead actress AnnaSophia Robb with an 'A' version of the necklace]. I don’t want to give it all away, but there are things that are going to pop up where you’ll go ‘Oh that’s where the flower broach comes from’ or ‘that’s where the Manolos come from.’ There’s elements that you’re going to see that are a little more grown up and maybe come from her mom’s closet; things that she’s accumulating that will be 50’s and ‘60s vintage [added] into her ‘80s look that make sense for Carrie Bradshaw and show where she gets her sense of style.

So many people know the stylish character from Sex and the City, what were the challenges of dressing the young Carrie Bradshaw?
It is a balance. She has to be stylish, but she’s also got to be this quiet girl from Connecticut that’s 16 so she’s not going to be strutting into the high school halls in two different colored Manolos. It’s a dustier pastel look, but it’s a lot of mixed patterns. I think we were really trying to create the ‘Carrie-ness’ with these mixed patterns but through tonal elements so it’s not just in your face like ‘Oh she’s wearing a polka dot sweater and star jeans,’ it looks really cute. So it’s figuring out how we can mix prints and textures together that feel ‘80s, that feel Carrie Bradshaw, but also feel very Connecticut.

Tell us about the clothes you’ve used on the Carrie Diaries so far — any labels that were big in the ’80s?
We’ve done a lot of H&M, Top Shop and Marc Jacobs, those are the top three we’re really hitting right now. We also did a throwback outfit that’s one of my favorites so far. It’s a pink polka dot Scazzi dress that we found in L.A. and had to completely rebuild for AnnaSophia. We kept the same shape, because it’s a very special ‘80s shape, but she’s got this tiny, beautiful body so we had to reconstruct it. It’s a great moment of seeing her in New York City. For me it was a moment of, ‘Oh, that’s the Carrie Bradshaw that we already know!’ Then we go back to Connecticut and the dusty pastel floral jeans.

You’re also the costume designer on Gossip Girl. What will happen to all of the amazing clothes worn by Serena, Blair, Chuck and the rest of the gang when the show comes to an end?
[The wardrobe is] being logged out and sent to Warner Brothers studio. Some of it will be repurposed.

Does that mean we should keep our eye out for Gossip Girl hand-me-downs on The Carrie Diaries?
Maybe. I’m going back and forth with that one, like, ‘Do I want to use that iconic dress from Blair Waldorf here?’ I kind of do in some weird way, so we’ll see! I’m in the process of figuring that out in my head. It’s weird, I’m kind of attached like, ‘Oh that’s my favorite Blair Waldorf dress but it would be really exciting to see on Carrie.’ There is a very big possibility that you’ll see iconic pieces appear in a very different way, a very Carrie way.

The Carries Diaries is set to premiere on the CW in January 2013.

Hollywood Reporter – Wilmer Valderrama and Eva Longoria Get Out the Latino Vote

With registration still open in 29 states, the actor activists are working to rouse the community of 24 million to its full political power: “In numbers, they’re going to get something done.”

This story first appeared in the Oct. 19 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine by Tim Apello.

[EXCERPT] The 24 million or so Latino Americans eligible to vote this fall represent the sleeping giant in American politics, and Eva Longoria and Wilmer Valderrama, who’ve been friends since they were penniless actors, are doing their best to awaken it and make it roar.

“About 50,000 Latinos turn 18 each month,” says Valderrama, a regular on last season’s NBC series Awake. “We’re trying to make them understand that in numbers, they’re going to get something done. They don’t realize government is almost begging for this feedback.”

Valderrama’s group — which is holding daily national registration events until Election Day — is not interested in whom people vote for, only that they do it.

“I’m on Obama’s re-election committee,” says Longoria, “so I’m not bipartisan — look, I’m wearing my Democratic necklace somebody sent me, with gold and diamonds. [It is Alex Woo’s Little Activist Donkey Pendant in Yellow Gold and Diamonds.] My job is, after Wilmer registers them to vote, to make them vote Democratic.”

For the full story click here for the The Hollywood Reporter.

Rita Ora – Goodbye Japan!

Rita Ora is all smiles while making her way through Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

The 21-year-old singer made sure to wave to cameras as she headed toward her departing gate.

Last week, Rita arrived in Japan to promote her debut album Ora.

FYI: Rita is wearing a Levi’s trucker jacket and Alex Woo necklaces.

Stand Up To Cancer

What is Stand Up To Cancer? Simple. They are a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now.

Who do they Stand for? Everyone who’s lost their hair, their energy, their hope. Everyone who’s spent the night by a loved one’s hospital bed. Everyone who’s had to pull out their black suits and dresses to say goodbye to yet another friend. Who’s had to watch their own children suffer. We Stand Up for those still in the fight and for those who have lost. For those battling this disease with a strength they never knew they had. For those who’ve beat it and for everyone who will.

Alex Woo was a proud supporter of Stand Up to Cancer’s goals.

CBS – Alex Woo designs special piece for Stand Up to Cancer telecast

(CBS News) Celebrity jeweler Alex Woo has teamed up with Stand Up to Cancer to create a new pendant for the charity’s third annual fundraising telecast to be broadcast next month.

The design features Woo’s take on the Stand Up To Cancer logo made out of 14-karat yellow gold and sterling silver. A portion of the profits will go to the organization.

“I stand up for my mother, grandmothers, and aunt who have all been affected by cancer,” said Woo in a statement. “I’m also standing up for the fighters, survivors, and those who have been affected by it as well. My hope is that we can one day make this a thing of the past. Stand Up To Cancer is a remarkable organization and I’m thrilled to lend my support in any way I can.”

Actors Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Stone, Michael Douglas and other celebrities are all confirmed to participate in the broadcast, which is being telecast live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Sept. 7.

Gwyneth Patrow will serve as one of the show’s executive producers.

“This broadcast has become a global call-to-action for all those touched by cancer” Paltrow said. “Like so many people, I know what it’s like to lose a family member to this disease, and I’m honored to stand up in my father’s memory.”