Couture Daily – Alex Woo Honors Expectant Mothers

Couture Daily July 2009This spring, Alex Woo celebrates the launch of her newest Icon collection, Little Baby, inspired by expectant mothers.  Realizing that the jewelry industry lacked a fitting way to celebrate the joy of being an expectant mother, Woo decided to give parents a collection that would eternalize their most treasured moments.  Chic and classic, the collection holds a deep and meaningful story for the wearer,  embodying the essence of the Icons collection.  Designed to spark emotion, this collection is comprised of ducky pendants, teddy bears, pioggy banks and a dreamy moon cloud.  The teddy bear, ducky and piggy bank pendants are available with or without a delicate bow for feminine and masculine versions.  The pieces offer a fresh take on the emblems of childhood along with the classic elegance you’d only expect from Alex Woo…

Christina Applegate at REVLON Run/Walk for Women

Christina Applegate at REVLON Run/Walk for Women wearing Alex Woo’s Leaves of Change Pendant – Bid on Star-Designed Jewelry for Charity

People Web May 8 2009Style News Now.  Your daily dose of who, what and wear.

Christina Applegate, Brooke Shields, and Debra Messing are among the talented stars trying their hand at jewelry design to lend support for a good cause. Each celeb created a one-of-a-kind piece featuring a leaf motif to be auctioned online to raise funds for their designated charities. Applegate collaborated with designer Alex Woo to create her “tree of life” pendant for breast cancer awareness charity Right Action For Women while Brooke Shields’ gold “Sunshine on Earth“ necklace benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Fans can bid on their favorite pieces during a live auction ending today May 7th at

Trick of the Trade: Cleaning Diamonds

Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

The only magazine devoted exclusively to shopping and style, Lucky provides women who are passionate about shopping with a broad range of the best styles and products out there–but a tight edit of the pieces that are worth a second look.

Offering real-life women advice on how to wear the latest trends in a way that’s flattering and right for their shape and size, it’s all about accessibility, and remembering that fashion is supposed to be fun, not stressful. In this month’s Lucky How-to feature with smart finds, figure fixes, styling tips and advice, Alex Woo provides a trick of the trade on cleaning diamonds.

“The simplest way to clean diamond jewelry at home is to mix a quarter cup of warm water with a drop of Method dish detergent (it cuts through oils, and it’s organic). Dip a soft toothbrush into the solution and gently scrub the piece, rinsing it with warm water afterwards.” – Jewelry Designer Alex Woo

O Magazine – Neutral Territory

O May 2009Blush, beige, cafe con leche…pale, natural colors mingle in a sophisticated rhythm inspired by tango — the seductive dance that began in Buenos Aires.  Summer’s breeziest clothes take a stroll in South America’s chicest city.

It’s not Evita’s balcony, but this 1973 neoclassical townhouse–restored and transformed inot the hip bar-restaurant Milion–is a splendid setting for a long regal column dress.  You don’t need to be svelte to wear the figure-skimming shape; the tiers, edged in gold sequins, seem to elongate the body.  Gold accessories–including an armful of Alex Woo’s Sienna bangles– help light up the nights in Buenos Aires, which are lively and long.