– Jennifer Lopez

People Web May 23 2008Jennifer Lopez looks fabulous in this fitted black dress, which accentuates her amazing post-baby bod!  She just had twins, remember!  While we can’t wait to get another glimpse of the little twins, Max and Emme, we are loving that Jennifer is wearing Alex Woo’s m&e necklace in gold, to symbolize her two little ones.

The piece that Jennifer is wearing is a triple letter from Alex Woo’s Little Letters collection.  Triples can be personalized to any customer’s request!

Colbie Caillat – Kiss the Girl

ColbieA great song, says Colbie Caillat, should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good. Taking her own sound advice, “Coco”, the debut album by the 22 year-old Californian singer-songwriter is simply crammed full of them.

In an age when marketing has been elevated above content and so many songs are written and produced to a pre-ordained formula, Caillat comes as a welcome breath of fresh air. Records these days seem to fall into two categories. The vast majority tend to contain one or two good tracks which you download to your computer so that you never have to listen to the rest of the album again. Far more rare are those that demand to be listened to from start to finish, with every song in perfect symmetry. Think of the kind of vintage, organically-crafted albums that Carole King or Joni Mitchell used to make. Thankfully, it’s a tradition that is being kept alive.

“Kiss the Girl” is an Academy Award-nominated calypso song from Disney’s 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid, composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Howard Ashman. Colbie Caillat’s cover of the song for DisneyMania 6 was released in May 2008 and in the video she proudly wears Alex Woo’s double note icon.

Jennifer Lopez – Mommy and Me

People May 2008Mommy and Me: Star moms like to keep their kids close to their hearts. Literally. Here are their charms of choice. Lopez is a fan of Alex Woo’s necklace featuring her twins Max and Emme’s initials.

Brief Biography: Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) was born on July 24, 1969 in the South Bronx and has become one of the most successful Latin actresses in Hollywood history. Equally as successful as a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, fashion designer, and television producer, she is married to Marc Anthony. Her first children, fraternal twins named Max and Emme, were born on February 22, 2008.

Life & Style – Eva Longoria

Life & Style May 2008Eva Longoria looks as stylish as ever, sporting her diamond e&t necklace from Alex Woo’s Little Letters collection.  The stunning actress frequently wears personalized pieces by Alex Woo, usually in support of her husband, San Antonio Spurs basketball player Tony Parker.  Whether she’s wearing the a&e or a little number 9 from the Little Numbers collection, Eva always makes sure to stay up-to-date with the hottest trends.  In this case, the trendy pieces hold a deep significance to her, as they symbolize her love and support of her husband.

Halle Berry at REVLON Run/Walk for Women

Revlon Walk - Halle Berry

On Saturday, May 10th 2008, Halle along with other celebrities got L.A. pumped up Saturday at the 15th annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women, which supports women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs. Looking gorgeous and sporty, the new mom had Nahla Ariela Aubry seven weeks ago and the newborn has yet to be photographed by the paparazzi or make a high-paid appearance in a magazine.  The smart mom though keeps the baby close to her heart with her Alex Woo Little Letter ‘N’ . Upon wearing the necklace, she caused a buzz across the Internet with many bloggers covering her affection toward her child and dubbed the pendant her “Nahla Necklace”.

Brief Biography

Born August 14, 1968, Halle Berry is a woman of immense talent, tenacity, and beauty. One of Hollywood’s busiest actors, she has enjoyed a level of success that has come from years of hard work and smart choices. Her interest in show business came from her participation in a number of beauty pageants throughout her teens and at the age of 17 won the Miss Teen All-American Pageant. Her first big-screen role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever won kudos and earned her reputation for her full commitment to acting, reportedly refusing to bathe for weeks in preparation for her portrayal of a crack addict. Following her film debut, Berry was cast opposite Eddie Murphy in Boomerang (1992) as the comedian’s love interest and she has become a leading lady ever since eventually winning a Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for role in Monster’s Ball for Best Actress. In the past few years, she turned out commercial successes with James Bond’s Die Another Day and X-Men franchise.

At Alex Woo, we respect and love Halle Berry and hope her star continues to shine brightly – Halle Berry

People Web May 9 2008 Halle Berry is spotted shopping around Los Angeles without her little precious Nahla in tow.  But even when the adorable tot isn’t seen out and about with her actress mom, Halle is always keeping Nahla close to her heart by wearing the gold “n” initial from Alex Woo’s Little Letters collection.

People – Mother’s Day Gift Guide

People Magazine features a Mother’s Day Gift Guide including Alex Woo’s Little Letter as a present that is sure to please the new Mom.

Elle Accessories – Diary of a Bendel Girl

Elle Accesoires Spring 2008Elle Accessories is featuring the super sleek and modern Sweni hoop earrings by jewelry designer Alex Woo.  The earrings are available in sterling silver, gunmetal and or 14 karat gold.