Blueprint: Design Your Life – A Double Shift

Posted on June 1, 2006 by Ed

Blue Print 2006JuneIn the launch issue of Martha Stewart’s magazine, ‘Blueprint: Design Your Life,’ a publication aimed at “today’s modern multi-tasking women” ages 25 – 45, the publisher plans to extend their expertise and unique style to provide useful, “inspired ‘how-to’ information that will help women live better and more gracefully.” In the Clothes Closet feature titled “A Double Shift,” the editor reveals styles that go from work and then straight out to play including Alex Woo’s Christy Earrings.

“Frosty Reception – Will the thermostat ever get it right? To weather the artic, full-blast air-conditioning in most offices, keep a versatile, fitted sweater on hand.”

A second issue of Blueprint is slated for late August 2006 with a goal of six issues published in 2007.

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