SheFinds – Alex Woo’s Little Numbers

Shefinds Feb 2006SheFinds knows that as a busy career woman you may not have time to shop. You may not even have time to browse the web much less paw through endless piles of cashmere sweaters at the mall. But you still want to look good and stay on top of the trends. Relax. SheFinds is a website that tells you what to buy as they study the trends and surf the web for the best items to be found anywhere. Today, they highlight Alex Woo’s ever popular Little Numbers collection.

What: Alex Woo’s Little Numbers
The number game: 5 is the number of outfits I tried on before deciding what to wear for a date; 3 is the number of poppy seeds stuck between my teeth during the date; 4 is the number of hours my date waited to tell me about the poppy seeds. Well, I’m hoping to improve my game with some meaningful numbers from Alex Woo’s adorable Little Numbers collection. Celebrities like Eva Longoria have been spotted wearing a gold “9” for the jersey number of her boyfriend Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. Julia Roberts wears a “2” for her twins. The number pendants come in silver, yellow gold, or my favorite, diamonds set in white gold. Find these necklaces and Alex Woo’s minimalist chic Sienna heart necklaces at Henri Bendel or at

The Washington Post – Valentine’s Day Shopping

Washinton Post 2006By Janet Bennett Kelly and Janelle Ehrlichman Diamond

A Heart-to-Heart Discussion
Only six more days ’til Valentine’s Day, so the pressure is on. What will it be: lingerie, flowers, perhaps chocolates? Fashion and Beauty editor Janet Bennett and Washington Post Shopper columnist Janelle Erlichman Diamond, doubleteamed in a special shopping hour on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 11 a.m. ET and took calls from around the area regarding this age old question.

Take this advice to heart: Don’t stress about what to get your best buddy or about the fact that you can’t get a reservation for dinner at your favorite restaurant. Just take a deep breath and think about how you’re going to enjoy the day. We’re here to help.

South Riding, Va. Caller:
What is an appropriate Valentine for my wife of eight years and pregnant with our second child?

Janelle Erlichman: A big gold medal? Or how about a cool necklace from Alex Woo. She has this great Little Numbers Collection …. where you can pick any sort of number combination. Like “2″ for two kids … or “8″ for the # of years you’re married. or “4″ for the number in your family. That sort of stuff. Check out

Featured previously in The Washington Post was Alex Woo’s Heart Pendant.

The Today Show – Signed, Sealed & Delivered with Hugs ‘n’ Kisses

Today Show February 2006Robyn Freedman Spizman, author of “Make It Memorable,” shares some gift suggestions guaranteed to arrive to your loved one faster than cupid’s arrow. On The Today Show with Ann Curry, she brought out the best Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in your family, and shared her jewelry pick for Alex Woo’s Vegas collection.

The fashion-forward jewelry designer, Alex Woo, has brought the excitement and thrill of Las Vegas right to you with her brand new Vegas Collection of necklaces and charm bracelets. Inspired by the high-class luxury of the casino world, these delicate playing card icons make a bold and lucky statement. The necklaces are available in silver, yellow gold, rose gold and even diamonds. Hands down, the Alex Woo Vegas collection is the best and most glamorous way to beat the house!

48th Grammy Awards – Joss Stone

Joss Stone February 2006The recording industry’s most prestigious award, the Grammy, is presented annually by The Recording Academy and honors excellence in the recording arts and sciences. Having now celebrated 47 years of musical excellence, in an unprecedented gathering of musical talent that night, Joss Stone joined Adam Levine from Maroon 5, John Legend, Ciara, from The Black Eyed Peas, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and many others to pay tribute to one of the 20th Century’s true musical innovators and icons: Sly And The Family Stone.

The R&B sensation, Joss Stone, with her fresh, fun and funky sense of style wore a vintage Alex Woo pendant with a custom Alex Woo bangle and rings to compliment her amazing performance. Whether you admire the songstress’ loving heart or her soulful music, the sultry-voiced singer has a natural gift to turn heads and raise eyebrows with her sense of fashion. Famous for appearing in “hippie” style gowns with bare feet and dozens of bracelets clanging on her delicate wrists, the jewelry she chose for this special night was a bold and exhuberant statement that matched her colorful youth.

Z100 New York’s #1 Hit Music Station

Z100 Febuary 2006Z Morning Zoo – Carolina’s Rage

Z100 is the most successful (and copied) radio station in America today. As the most listened to top 40 pop station nationwide, they revolutionized the morning show concept and to this day, the “Z Morning Zoo” ZJs (Z100s term for DJ, akin to MTV’s VJs) are known for their unique celeb and musician interviews and pulse on pop culture. Every weekday morning, ZJ Carolina Bermudez speaks about the latest in panties to purses, butt-creams to hot jeans and other fun things that are the talk of the town. Today it was Alex Woo’s entire line of necklaces!

Woo your Woman!  Alright guys…we all know that creativity counts on Valentine’s Day more so than any other holiday. It’s the time to pay special attention to the important things in your ladies’ life and bring them to the forefront. If I had a Valentine, I’d love for him to give me the “Little Numbers” necklace from Alex Woo. Eva Longoria sports her boyfriend Tony Parker’s number around her neck so she can be close to him all the time. It’s a great way to mark a special occasion in your life, like an anniversary or you can choose a number to represent how many children you have. Alex Woo’s necklaces come in silver or gold and if you really want to splurge, you can get an iced out one to really make her smile!

To order, hurry up and go to or you can find Alex Woo jewelry at Henri Bendel and select W Hotels.

The Oprah Winfrey Show – Eva Longoria

Oprah Show February 2006“Desperate House” Makeover

The sizzling star talks about boyfriend Tony Parker, family and a dream come true. Growing up on her parents’ simple Texas ranch, Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria says her family had a whole lot of love, but not much money. Now, Eva has bought her parents the house they never had and enlists design expert Nate Berkus to transform it to the home of their dreams. From terra cotta tiles to Wild West granite, Nate helped Eva blend bright colors and traditional handicrafts to reflect the Longorias’ cultural heritage. Eva’s parents love it! “I feel like I’m in Mexico,” says Eva’s mom. “It’s great…it’s wonderful!”

When Nate and Eva were with her parents discussing decorating ideas for their new space and seen during the interviews, Eva was wearing Alex Woo’s No. 9 necklace from the Little Numbers Collection – a favorite that sparked her number 9 fashion craze.

Lucky – Four Girls…One Suede Vest

Lucky Febuary 2006America’s ultimate shopping guide and the only magazine all about shopping-trends, tips on where to get the best deals on clothing, home accessories and more, Lucky this month explores four stylish women and the possibilities of a “soft-but-rugged” layering piece.


Emily Reynolds, a Manhattan artist who paints pet portraits spends much of her time in the studio wearing jeans. But when the 23-year-old goes out, she prefers streamlined ensembles that don’t require a lot of planning. With slick black pumps and a big, sculptural ring from Alex Woo, this pieces makes a statement and completes the spare-but-elegant feel.

Maxim – Jennifer Scholle

Maxim February“Move over Russian blondes, Jennifer Scholle is the hottest girl in tennis.” Maxim magazine this month introduces you to Jennifer Scholle, girlfriend of the 25th-ranked tennis pro James Blake and the reason why 42,000 men are about to look into tennis lessons.

On TV more than the ball, her boyfriend, James Blake, made a run at the U.S. Open and was an All American from Harvard University. So what are the duties of a full-time girlfriend of a tennis pro? Jennifer responds “Basically, it’s travelling with James. I just graduated so it’s nice to take a little time off. I keep telling myself it’s OK to not have a real job yet.” In the photo, Jennifer wears Alex Woo’s Sienna dangling stick earrings for “maximum” exposure.

Country Home

Country Home Feb 2006Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

Need some perfect gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day?  Alex Woo’s Sienna heart pendnat in sterling silver accompanied with a chord chain is a classic piece that will touch any girl’s heart.

More – MORESTYLE Fashion

More February 2006By Kim Johnson Gross

As a grown-up woman, youve earned your time to have more fun (and less worry). You’re gutsier. Smarter. More seasoned. More confident. More magazine understands who you are, and what you’re feeling at this wonderful stage in life bringing you fascinating articles that applaud your passions, your relationships, your choices, dreams and aspirations.

In this fashion feature, Kim Johnson Gross reveals what to wear for the rest of your life and how to be sexy for grown-ups. Not just limited to the young, “when you want to feel pretty but a little naughty,” More suggests adding several Alex Woo Sienna Bangles to your ensemble.

iVillage – The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

iVilllage Febuary 2006“Get What You Want”
By Aarti Sanan

This Valentine’s Day, why not nudge your true love in the right gift-buying direction. We’ve scoured around for 10 delectable beauty and style treats worthy of you. Now all you have to do is send him the list. Who says women don’t know what they want.

Woo Me Now

Wearing your heart on your sleeve may not be advised, but you will definitely want to say yes to this elegant Sienna heart pendant from Alex Woo. Tell him it will set your heart racing whether he gets it for you in silver ($128) or gold vermeil ($148). It comes with a matching chain and suede ribbon. It’s timeless and eternal — like any good relationship.