People – It Suits Them

People August 2005Is it a fluke that Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan own necklaces from Alex Woo’s Vegas collection — or does it have to do with luck? Both. The actresses are currently working on films with “luck” in the title. Barrymore, who has a spade chain, just finished filming Lucky You, and Lohan, who wears a club pendant, is awaiting the release of her new movie Just My Luck. Coincidence? As a matter of fact, yes….

Marie Claire (UK) – Think of a Number!

Marie Claire August 2005Elizabeth Hurley has just hit 40, but on the cover of Marie Claire (UK Edition) this month she looks like her life couldn’t be any sweeter. With a three year old son and a new line of bikinis, kaftans and dresses called ‘Elizabeth Hurley Beach,” her life is anything but fortunate. In the exclusive Marie Claire interview, the model/actress turned entrepreneur reveals “It was rubbish saying I hardly eat – this is my third breakfast of the day. I definitely eat…. If you’re under 26, perhaps you can eat diabolically and be thin. But after 30, no way. And after having a baby, forget it. You have to choose: cookies or jeans.”

In the Juice section, Alex Woo’s Little Numbers are called out. “Courtney Cox wears a 13 for her daughter Coco’s birthday, while Lucy Liu has a gold 2 to celebrate her own. If you want to mark an important occasion – or even boast about your pulling prowess – Little Numbers from New York designer Alex Woo are the only way to go. It all adds up to a cult buy.”

Jezebel Magazine – Luck Be A Lady

Jezebel August 2005One of Atlanta’s most prominent lifestyle magazine for sophisticated, affluent & professional consumers, Jezebel this month features Cole Hauser on the cover. A descendent of the Warner Brothers empire, this actor is living up to his family’s reputation and is best known for his role in Paparazzi. Similar to Alex Woo’s love for travel, Hauser admits “I feel like you can learn how to act in acting class and you can learn things in school, but the best education there is, in my opinion, is travel…”

In the fashion section, Alex Woo’s latest collection are singled out. “Celebrating the fascination for the hip, hot and vibrant Sin City, The “Vegas” collection from jewelry designer Alex Woo is lighting up the fashion scene. The line consists of small playing card icons elegantly sculpted in solid silver, 14 kt gold or diamonds. Put your money on one of these hot little numbers for the fall; it’s a sure bet. Prices range from $98 – $388, available at Potpourri or through”