Jewelry Connoisseur – Cocktail Hour

Jewelry Connosseur 2004The cocktail has turned to American culture.  It has become the drink of choice for those in the know on the social scene.  It has become the drink of choice for those in the know on the social scene.  And what could possibly be more cosmopolitan than a coktail ring on the finer as you sip your martini?  Big, bold and bodacious cocktail rings are meant to get attention.  The best part is that a cocktail ring can be worn on any finger — they look particularly chic when worn on the index or middle fingers.  “The most flirtatious piece of a jewelry a woman can wear, a cocktail ring will catch everyone’s eye with every hand gesture and wave,” comments New York-based designer Juidth Ripka.

Alex Woo’s “Enza” is featured as one of the hottest cocktail rings of the season!

Vegas Magazine – Bridget Moynahan

Vegas June 2004Former model-turned-actress Bridget Moynahan stylishly graces the cover of this edition of Vegas and wears some Alex Woo jewelry. Previously, recognized only as the wife of Mr. Big on “Sex and the City,” or the wife of Ben Affleck from “The Sum of All Fears,” she has finally made it to the top and has costarred next to Will Smith in the box office smash “I, Robot.”

In the film, Bridget is praised for her character – a woman who is smart and can hold her own against anyone. In the exclusive interview, she admits “…. what’s frustrating about some of the things you get offered. God forbid, if she’s intelligent and beautiful and confident and doesn’t have any dysfunctions.”

In the color photo on left she wears the Eve cuff and in the black and white photo a stunning assortment of Alex Woo rings. Go Bridget!

InStyle – Cheap Chic

Instyle June 2004Cheap chic and frugal finds for $100 or less.  Alex Woo’s Cindy earrings are featured.