Daily Candy – Now Ear This

Daily Candy 2003For some of us, earrings are like girlfriends.

They’re precious. They’ve seen us through thick and thin. They hear all our dirty secrets.

So it seems only appropriate that jewelry designer Alex Woo has christened her creations with fun girlfriendy names like Roxy, Coco, Chiara, Layla, and Bianca. Made from silver and semiprecious stones (amethyst, citrine, onyx, topaz, peridot, and quartz), her pieces range from mod to romantic to quirky to elegant. Something for every mood and occasion.

Woo studied fine arts and jewelry design at Cornell and Parsons School of Design but really got her start at the knee of her father, a master jeweler. So, though her sensibility is modern and fresh, she brings a wealth of tradition and craftsmanship to her work. Meaning her designs have both cuteness and quality, style and substance.

Just like some of our best friends.

Interview Magazine – Rachael Yamagata

Interview November 2003Chicago’s smoky-voiced pianist and singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata is featured in this month’s Interview Magazine. At 26 years old, the crisp and cosmopolitan songstress already has a talent to play almost every instrument imaginable and has been endessly and inevitably called the next Sarah McLachlan or “next Fiona Apple and Norah Jones.” With a German/Italian and Japanese heritage, her powerful and soothing vocals and “dusky pipes and confessional style” showcases an intelligent artist that expresses a wide range of feelings and emotions without ever losing focus and direction.

In the Interview Magazine photo shoot, she wears Alex Woo’s stunning jesse cuff to match her amazing style.

Seventeen – Jessica Biel

Seventeen November 2003Actress Jessica Biel graces the cover of this month’s Seventeen magazine wearing Alex Woo’s stunning Layla earrings and Malia bangles. According to Gillian Flynn of Seventeen magazine, her edgy style and daring attitude has now thrust her into the spotlight as she “gets set to join Hollywood’s A-list.” The exclusive focuses on Jessica’s image, career and her upcoming film, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” which is anticipated to be a blockbuster smash. Jessica is especially eager for the upcoming film as horror films are her favorite genre. “I love being scared… I like that emotion. I like that fear.” A blend of French, English, German and Choctaw (Native American) ancestry, Jessica Claire Biel was born on March 3, 1982, in Ely, Minnesota and spent her childhood in Boulder, Colorado until she was discovered competing at the International Modeling and Talent Association’s Los Angeles Convention in 1994.

“This is what I’ve got, and I’m happy. I feel good.” – Jessica Biel talking about her self confidence. In other photos in the feature article, Jessica Biel can be seen wearing an Alex Woo necklace