Audrey – Heavy Metal

Audrey October 2003Some of these pieces may look delicate, ut they’re hardly demure.  Gold and silver are perfect for shining in the spotlight, especially when shaped into electrifying jewelry.  Alex Woo’s sterling silver Jesse cuff is modern, clean and cutting-edge.  It can perfectly compliment any outfit!

Elle Girl – Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch wearing Alex Woo's Chiara earrings!

Michelle Branch wearing Alex Woo’s Chiara Earrings!

“On the cover of Elle Girl this month is Grammy winner Michelle Branch wearing Alex Woo’s smoky quartz Chiara earrings. Keeping it real, the 20-year-old rock star speaks out about boys, sneakers, songwriting, and how to surive being a teen. What is her advice? “The hardest thing for me to learn was that everything that happens isn’t the end of the world, whether you’re in a fight with your best friend or you break up with a guy. There are so many moments when you feel like you’re the one one who’s ever felt this way, but that’s not true….everyone goes through these experiences.”

Favorite movie:
Dazed and Confused—I own it and I’ve seen it a million times. When I was in high school I even did one of the monologues from it for my drama class.

Favorite time of day:
I love one o’clock in the morning because that’s when I’m always up and getting things done—my neighbors must hate me because all my lights are on.

Instyle – Look for Less

Instyle October 2003A complete jewelry wardrobe that totals $1,000.  You don’t need a bundle to stock a jewel box with precious essentials.  We found some great treasures by thinking small.  Slimmer, scaled-down pieces with tinier gems or less detail naturally have smaller price tags.  Focus on clean and lean.  And as for pearls, a strand made of funky shapes costs a fraction of the price of perfectly round ones. 

Featured in the assortment of jewelry is Alex Woo’s Malia Rings.