Category: Bracelets
Material: Vermeil

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3 x 2 5 x 3
Vida Cuff in Vermeil
vermeil vida cuff
Vida Cuff
The Vida imagines the splendor of the abundant landscape with flourishing leaves that encircle your wrist, this graceful Vida cuff creates the illusion of the jungle canopy.
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Narissa Cuff in Vermeil
vermeil narissa cuff
Narissa Cuff
This collection captures the natural splendor of the ocean through Narissa, "daughter of the sea." The Narissa Cuff is designed to emulate that same reflective light that you see on the surface of calm ocean water
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Zahrah Bracelet in Vermeil Zahrah Bracelet in Vermeil
vermeil zahrah bracelet
Zahrah Bracelet
Inspired by the exotic beauty of Morocco, this hand-sculpted Zahrah bracelet have elegantly curved lines with small dimples that create the illusion of sparkling diamonds with an exotic allure.
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